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1:1 Child Life Coaching

One-on-One Support For Your Child

Get Tailored Coaching Designed to Meet the Needs of Your Child

Equip your child with the gift of 1:1 Coaching with Margaret, & watch as they develop a tool box full of social emotional skills that they can utilize for life! Be amazed by your kiddo’s growth as Margaret provides coaching to support a range of goals. 


Common student goals surround: Confidence & self-esteem, anxiety, emotional-regulation, growth mindset, organization, peer & romantic relationships, self-advocacy, empathy, organization, friendships, anger, self-love, application & essay writing & more! 


Through the utilization of games, art, music, workbooks, movement, conversation & more, Margaret supports kids to be their best, authentic selves! 


Why is This Important?


Navigating Transitions: A Kids Life Coach provides expert guidance to help your kids navigate the challenges of adolescence, fostering resilience and adaptability.


Building Confidence: With a Kids Life Coach, your childcan develop essential life skills, boost self-esteem, and gain the confidence needed to face academic, social, and personal challenges.


Effective Communication: A Kids Life Coach facilitates open communication, creating a safe space for your child to express concerns, explore goals, and develop strong interpersonal skills crucial for their future success.


Tim, Parent

"My daughter was struggling with a few things in her tween years. My wife found Margaret and we thought the 1:1 coaching would help her to open up, and work through some of those challenges. She has made great strides and it was one of the best parenting decisions we have made."

Hank, Student (12)

"I thought the classes were great and I felt so comfortable talking about my feelings and I love how positive Ms. Teague is. Ms. Teague helped me so much with my bravery and honesty. My favorite part was when we would always have those moments and jokes about what happened during the school day."

Samantha, Parent

"Margaret has actually coached both of our children and has personalized that coaching for each of their individual needs and struggles. The coaching has had such a positive affect on my eldest who was struggling with some performance anxiety. When we saw the improvements, we introduced Margaret to our youngest to prep her for the challenges that await her in high school. 

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