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Positive Masculinity

Empowering Teen Boys

Navigating Adolescence with Strength, Respect and Empathy.

How might you describe a teen boy in your life? It’s likely that your words could include: athletic, smart, driven, funny, helpful, kind…


The qualities mentioned above are impressive & important! But what about the attributes that let others know how your teen is actually doing, such as being vulnerable, sensitive, self-aware and open-hearted?


If it was a bit difficult to describe your (awesome) kiddo as being in touch with his emotions and able to share them, you’re not alone! The reality is that this is a problem that needs to be addressed. 

Even before the pandemic boys across the nation were struggling with their mental health immensely. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that most boys will voluntarily share, “I’m struggling and need support.” Instead, we often see boys who struggle with their mental health withdraw, become irritable or act uncharacteristically. 


For these reasons I created this 6 Week Positive Masculinity Workshop! To start, supporting boys in talking about mental health is the first step in addressing the male suicide crisis. In this workshop boys contemplate society’s traditional definition of what it means to be a man, consider how historical manhood can be tied to social issues, reflect upon the opportunity to invest in friendships and uplift women, and share what type of adult men they want to be! 

(Check out the workshop breakdown below!)


Workshop Outline

Week 1: What is Masculinity? 

Boys will be invited to become curious around what masculinity is, what masculinity means to them, and how studies show that boys in America are especially struggling with their mental health. Through contemplating thought-provoking questions & sharing in a judgment-free zone, boys often become energized by this uncommonly discussed topic! 

Week 2: Toxic Masculinity and a Rejection of “The Feminine”

Boys will review societal norms that contribute to aspects of masculinity that can be unhelpful. Boys will learn positive masculinity characteristics and create connections between traditional masculinity and social issues. Through reviewing research findings & contemplating their implications, boys will experience a workshop session that is eye-opening & motivating! 

Week 3: What is Privilege?

Boys will reflect upon the intriguing relationship between privilege and the harm that can accompany our historical definition of manhood. Boys will contemplate and dive into an engaging discussion around how positive masculinity can lift up our society through increasing every person’s sense of safety, respect and solidarity.

Week 4: Done Trying to be “Man Enough”

Boys will consider the life-changing opportunity of trading in “man enough” for connection with other males & uplifting women! Simply put, humans are relational to our core. We are wired for connection. This week focuses on liberation as boys are invited to take off the heavy armor of coolness & toughness and lean into authenticity! 

Week 5: Cultivating a Positive Sense of Self

Boys will ponder all of their naturally good characteristics as they cultivate a self-esteem made up of positive traits. Boys will participate in activities that help build up the confidence of other boys. This week’s session ensures extra joy, laughter & bonding! 

Week 6: Planning for the Future!

Boys will review the past week’s topics and consider what type of men they want to be! As boys hear others’ hopes and dreams & share their own aspirations, they will leave inspired to live wholehearted lives with an emphasis on emotional awareness, kindness and equality for all. 

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Why is This Important?


Nearly four times as many males die of suicide than females, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


Our culture of hyper-masculinity makes it harder for boys to form relationships, and that leads to a crisis of connection. (Connection is why we are here.) Boys often struggle more than girls because they have fewer tools to cope with emotions and stressors, and they are less likely to get the help they need. 


From 2020 to 2021, suicide rates for males rose significantly, according to the CDC, with the largest increase among males ages 15 to 24.


Claire, Parent

"I was looking for some extra activities to boost my son's resume for high school and found Ms. Teague online. My son was hesitant at first but was excited to jump on the course by the 3rd session. He really enjoyed the discussions with the other boys in the group and still keeps in touch with many of them. She is a great guide in their discussions and really gets the boys to talk about feelings. I highly recommend!"

Jacob, Student (17)

"Ms. Teague is an amazing teacher especially when it comes to improving confidence and public speaking. I took her workshop last summer. This workshop helped me greatly because that year I was on the student council and was applying to high schools. When I was on the student council I constantly had to make announcements in front of 300+ people. Ms. Teague's workshop really helped me in confidence and prepared me for all those speeches, and by the end of the year I was very popular with the student body."

Dale, Student (15)

""For me, the Positive Masculinity Course changed my perspective on life. I believe I took the course at the perfect time, transitioning from middle school to high school. In this day and age, it is crucial for the growing generations to learn what it means to be a man, a woman, both, black, white, asian, etc. Human. Now more than ever, we should embrace every aspect of who we are and advocate for ourselves. This course gave me the education I needed, not to be just a student or just a teenager, but as a human being. As the world changes, I feel that this course will become a necessity to everyone.


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