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Holistic Academic Support

One-on-One Support For Your Child

Get Tailored Academic Support  For Your Child

Disappointed by grades, overwhelmed by classes, or want to get accepted into your dream school?  Margaret can help!


Parents and children go into the school year with high hopes. “I want to be valedictorian…I want to be voted captain…This year I’ll make the honor roll…” Maybe your wonderful kiddo just wants to pass math class and wake up on time. Wherever your child is on their academic journey, Margaret is here to help! 


With a Masters of Education and experience as an elementary, middle and high school teacher, Margaret knows how demanding balancing school work is while trying to meet and maintain academic goals. As a former school guidance counselor, she understands how difficult it can be to strive academically while trying to navigate other life complexities. 


As a Kids Life Coach, Margaret perfectly combines her years of experience through offering holistic, academic support. These sessions consist of one, several or even many 1:1 sessions where Margaret supports your child in the following areas: 

  • Self-Realization (What type of learner am I?) 


  • Goals: (What exactly are my academic goals & how can I accomplish them?) 


  • Identifying Support: (Who can support me on my academic journey, and how?) 


  • Identifying barriers to learning (What things are getting in the way of me succeeding?)


And this is just the beginning! Through conversation, games & image analysis, students engage in reflection around their values and actions. They consider their sense of belonging at school and identify key next steps that will get them closer towards achieving their goals! 

Margaret offers unique application support for students applying to competitive middle and high schools. Margaret's students have been accepted to Loyola, Marlborough, Sacred Heart, Harvard-Westlake & more! 

Does your kiddo just need tutoring from an encouraging coach? Margaret offers tutoring for elementary, middle and high school students in the subjects of English, History and Spanish! For grade levels K - 12, academic supports include teaching and reinforcing literacy skills, educating on relevant vocabulary, naming grammar rules, setting up reading plans, outlining & reviewing essays with feedback and more!  


Why is This Important?


Early academic support provides children with the foundation they need to excel in school and beyond. This support helps them grasp fundamental concepts in subjects like math, reading, and science, setting the stage for more advanced learning.


Children who receive academic support tend to develop higher levels of confidence and curiosity. When they encounter challenging concepts, they have the tools and encouragement to tackle them head-on. This not only boosts their academic performance but also instills a love for learning that can last a lifetime.


Academic support helps children develop a growth mindset, where they believe that their abilities and intelligence can be developed through effort and learning.


Karen, Parent

"My son was looking for some support when i came to his college admissions essays. Margaret was great in helping him to think outside of the box and develop a really thoughtful essay. He got into 4 out of 5 college choices, and I'm sure the essay had a big impact!"

Phil, Student (16)

"Ms. Teague really helped me to learn how to set a better schedule for myself when it came to handling my school workload. I think the organization process really helped me to learn how to focus better from task to task."

Sarah, Student (17)

"I learned a lot from Ms. Teague and look forward to our sessions. She helps me prioritize work, and has given me some tools to deal with the stress and anxiety I was getting from the demanding amount of school work with mostly AP classes." 

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