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Current Events Workshop

Ignite Curiosity

Shape Future Leaders in Our Weekly Discussion Group

I’m sure your kiddo has some amazing qualities, but is socially conscious one of them?

Each week students are invited to participate in a lively discussion as we investigate a new topic! Students are encouraged to practice intellectual curiosity and further build their analytical skills as we examine images, learn relevant vocabulary, and compare and contrast different perspectives on important headlines. Students are invited to participate in a competitive & fun game of Jeopardy to demonstrate all they have learned! 

This is also a great way to add uniqueness to your child's school application! A lot of kids impressively fill their resumes with extracurriculars, but how many of those activities include learning about Stop Asian Hate, Putin’s role in child abduction, or migrant rights? What about Nasa’s Psyche Mission, the LA Writer’s Strike or girls in Afghanistan defying Taliban rule? Should I mention the growth of anti-semitism, the Debt Ceiling or The Crown Act?

Our topics change weekly, contact Margaret for info on our latest Current Events Workshop for Middle & High School students.


Why is This Important?


Adds uniqueness to resumes and school applications. Participating in our Current Events Workshops will help your child stand out when it comes to high school and college applications. 


A deeper understanding of current topics in the world expands your student's world views. This alone helps students develop essential competencies for a happy, healthy, and productive future.


While having fun, kids become intrinsically motivated to learn as they build skills such as problem-solving and empathy. By making learning relevant through current events, students are inspired to become lifelong learners! 


Susan, Parent

"Wow! That's all I can really say about the current events group. Afterward my daughter loves talking to us about the various topics, and it been so amazing to have these discussions with her. She is truly growing up before my eyes."

Gus, Student (13)

“I really enjoyed Margaret’s current events discussion group every week because I was always so excited to see what topics we would learn. Margaret creates such a wonderful safe space. I gained so much insight from these meetings about what’s going on in our world, and it truly opened my mind.”

Henry, Student (15)

"The Current Events Discussion Group is something I look forward to on Thursday nights. I, myself, don’t watch the news because it can seem so jarring and depressing, and also because I don’t exactly know what’s “real news”. Ms Teague makes it very clear to us about what is actually going on and using reliable sources for information. One of my favorite parts of the meetings are the educational games that we play after we have discussed the topic. Not only do they help me learn the material better, but they can make the topics we learn about more engaging and easy to remember."

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